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[WIP] Cotton Braid Bralette

Sometimes, my mind drifts to random yarns in my stash. Yarns that don’t have specific projects assigned to them yet for various reasons. sometimes you get a brainwave for a project, and sometimes you start obsessively thinking about them until they DO have purpose. This time, it was the Stitch and Story Cotton Braid yarn.… Continue reading [WIP] Cotton Braid Bralette

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[WIP] A New Leaf

I’m just a little excited to show everyone the projects I’m working on at the moment. Rather than waiting for WIP Wednesday to roll around, I’d like to wish everyone a happy WIPkend as well! This is the New Leaf Beanie by IsleStitch, written for bulky yarns (from light bulky to super bulky). I’m making… Continue reading [WIP] A New Leaf

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#28PortraitChallenge, Part 1

I hadn't planned on doing any art challenges this month, but when djamilaknopf posted this, I felt that it was a challenge I could do. Especially as my main art consists of portraits already... I probably will not finish the challenge entirely due to university commitments, so I am just aiming for a minimum of… Continue reading #28PortraitChallenge, Part 1

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[Chatter] Let’s talk art~

Since last March, I’ve been drawing like crazy - my instagram is proof enough of how active I’ve been lately. I’ve been posting more digital work than ever. My artistic output in total during 2020 probably beats any other year that I've spent doing art. I realised that just drawing a lot is a huge… Continue reading [Chatter] Let’s talk art~

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6 years of Twenty Swans!

Okay, so a whole host of things happened in the last year that mean I am lucky to even have cool photos to share right now to reflect on. Who would have guessed that when I flew home to the UK, I'd end up leaving the house only a handful of times in 6 months??… Continue reading 6 years of Twenty Swans!

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[Review] A’Pieu Juicy Pang Tint in CR03

Hello!! I can't believe I did not post this review sooner! That actually applies to a lot of posts on this blog - I am going to have to put aside a date to schedule a handful of life-related posts! I find that I am missing blogging lately, but I have too many hobbies to… Continue reading [Review] A’Pieu Juicy Pang Tint in CR03

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[Reflection] My Placement Year Studying Abroad in Seoul

Oh gosh. Where do I start? I started this post off from Amsterdam, during a really long layover on my way back to Birmingham, and I'm finishing it off now, just as my final year is about to begin. Korea already feels like a dream from another time. I have a LOT of feelings and… Continue reading [Reflection] My Placement Year Studying Abroad in Seoul

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[Chatter] Staying Until it’s Over

It's almost April, somehow. This year feels surreal, but for all the wrong reasons. In the words of my university, the current situation is dynamic and rapidly changing. The current government advice is to travel home, however, after much discussion with friends and family, I am staying in Seoul for the time being, at least until… Continue reading [Chatter] Staying Until it’s Over

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[Review + Chatter] Innisfree Cafe & Skin Clinic Sheet Masks

Hi everyone! I hope you're all well and healthy, and that reading a blog post or two will help distract from the current world situation. I have quite a few sheet masks lined up to try out lately. I just love how easy it is to pop into a store and buy a bit of… Continue reading [Review + Chatter] Innisfree Cafe & Skin Clinic Sheet Masks