Life Without Style

A Brief Hello


Starting up a blog is like tidying up my room when there are guests at the door and you really don’t want to keep them waiting too long. It sounded like such a good idea. Now that I’m here? Maybe not. It has also just occurred to me that maybe I should procure a better camera in preparation for this. Oh well.

Swantori is hopefully only the temporary name of this blog whilst I draft out a list of better ones.
Except that there isn’t a list. Oh well.

Despite the ease of instant posting and me being only one measly user among many, this is actually quite nervewracking. Did I say hello yet? If not, oh well.

All right, I’m going to press post before I inevitably change my mind and this blog disappears into the depths of the Net. I also really, really need to get on with Chemistry revision.


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