Knitting, Life Without Style

Sentimental Trees

Last night, when I started this blog, I was wondering how long I could go on for before I ran out of interesting things to talk about.

But then this happened:


(I said I would procure a camera, but right now I am making use of the family iPad. It will do.)

You see that dip in the woods?
An entire tree used to be there.
In the dead of night, when all but a few were tucked away in bed, it fell with a deafening crash, causing Mom to wake up and scurry around the house saying ‘the tree fell over! The tree fell over!’ The tree in question had already been dead for two years, apparently. It fell away from the road, which is great because otherwise it may have crushed the nearer cars.

(Why is my second post on this blog about a fallen tree?
That tree was part of my morning view for five years until I switched rooms. I have a sentimental attachment to that view, to which I say goodbye with a heavy heart.)

It really just shows how exciting my week has been, aside from mock exams.
Speaking of which:


That back there, is my psychology revision, for tomorrow afternoon’s exam.

Knitting? What knitting?


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