It is WIP (Work In Progress) Wednesday, and whilst I won’t do this often in fear of boring you with the same projects every week because I knit that slowly, it is only the first WIP entry.
So here.


Pattern: Lazy Summer Day shawl
Yarn: Patons 100% cotton 4ply, 1 skein, 361yds

I mean, sure, it’s more of a summer knit, but I do knit so slowly that perhaps it may just be finished for June. I’ve made myself enough things to last me through the rest of the winter- at least I think so, anyway… None of which is actually helpful when you wear a skirt and thin tights to school – you just end up with an overheated torso and incredibly shaky legs.

I once made a vow never ever to knit lace (again, but that story is for another day) or any yarn that is even close to that thin-ness. But 4ply isn’t so bad, and this colourway is so lovely, I may just buy myself more of it (also have my eye on the chocolate brown… mmm).


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