Covering All Bases

Since I started knitting about two years ago, I’ve amassed a small yarn stash, or Yarnstache, as I like to call it (in one of the two storage boxes in my wardrobe. The other is my notebook collection stash).
I’ve also gathered up a bunch of knitting needles, cheaply bought at LYS’s or charity shops on a good day. I have a set of 3.25mm PONY dpns that I scored for 50p. Woop!

Since most of my projects are either in DK or chunky, I figured 4mm and 6mm needles would cover them. I barely use the smaller sized ones that I have (but there are plans. Honestly.)
So when the time came to start a project with yarn that was labelled chunky, but was a bit too thin for 6mm, but not enough to use 4mm, it was time.


Basic stockinette hat, with 2×1 ribbing, on 5mm needles.
Yarn: Stylecraft Carnival Chunky.

I love Stylecraft’s acrylics – they are always so, so soft, and always affordable. Their ‘Special’ yarns can be bought for just under £2 per 100g skein.
Special is plied, unlike Carnival, which is oh-so-soft ‘premium acrylic’ and single ply. It gains a bit of fuzz as I knit with it, and is a bit splitty from time to time.
I’m knitting in stockinette because I think that any fancy pattern would clash with the wild colour changes in the yarn.


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