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Tank Tops and Trouble

It was Friday, the end of a Free Study Period (we are forbidden from calling them frees, but nobody ever calls them study periods) and I was returning a giant Gross (name of the dude, not an adjective) Psychology textbook when something caught my eye.

It was a book. Not just any book – there was a ball of yarn on the cover.


I took out the book before you could say ‘mohair’.
A knitting related book in the School Library? What?

I read a little during lunch, and finished the rest in one sitting this morning.
It won ‘Peters Book of the Year 2014,’ which wasn’t an award that I had heard of before but I don’t think it would’ve been on the shelf otherwise.

In so many aspects, it was not a book that I would’ve read either – but I very much enjoyed the knowledgeable references to knitting – I was expecting just a few loose references to the knit and purl, but I cracked up for a long time over this:

First rule of Knit Club:
We do not talk about Knit Club.

Second rule of Knit Club:
No Fair Isle sweaters.

-and I sympathised with the main character’s juggling of both knitting and studying AS Levels. (I feel you, bro.) (Edited to add: The rest of the book was random and strange and stretched the boundaries of reality, and in the words of the School Librarian, ‘a bit trashy’, so it’s a matter of opinion whether it’s worth it or not for the knitting references.)

I wish I knew of more books like this. If you know any, point me in their general direction, okay?



I was doing to do a ribbing border on the neckline and armholes.
I’ve done the left ribbing-y bit, but its a little snug, but I’ve already cut the yarn.
Why do I always do that? I’ve snipped yarn far too many times on this project so I may as well hack the thing to death.

But I won’t. I’ll cut myself some slack because not only is it my first garment project, it is improvised, and bottom-up.

I know, I dug myself a hole there. I’m repeating to myself:

I WILL FINISH IT (next week).


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