Life Without Style

My Hands Smell of Burnt Rubber

I’ve been going to the school archery club for a while. They’ve switched me from the super-beginner bows to a brand-new one. The club has loads of bows in a bunch of different lengths, but something about me being short and my nose being short and the angle of the bowstring against my face being all wrong means that, despite being one of the shortest people at the club, I have the longest bow. They had to buy a new one because nobody else uses one that long.

My bow is much, much taller than me. Anyone who picks it up has to be extra careful not to hit anyone or anything with it. You have to be careful with any bow, anyway, but there have already been multiple casualties from mine!

A small difference in weight from the previous one by 4lb. It wasn’t that noticeable until I’d been shooting for half an hour and my upper arm really, really started hurting. FEEL THE BURN My shots started travelling to different places, starting from when D said ‘…and she’s shooting brilliantly with it!’ Way to jinx it, dude. Also, I have 3lb weights at home that seem to be much heavier – something about drawback weight and centre of gravity. I was never very good at physics, and as interesting as it sounded, none of it sunk in very well.

(As for the post title? They gave me a piece of stretchy latex to practice with at home. Hence the burnt rubber smell.)

I’m going to have to start wearing leggings to the club now, because my skirts get in the way of the bowstring. Normally there isn’t any clothing requirement because the main school uniform doesn’t get in the way, but my skirt was bugging me so much with the new bow.
Also, I should bring a hoodie. The gym is cold. 


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