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But It’s Supposed To Be a Good Week

It’s half term, and our school reports have come home. I still haven’t broken the news to my parents yet. That being said, I’d hoped that they would come out before half term, because then my parents could get angry and then simultaneously cool down sometime before Thursday.

Thursday is my birthday. It’s also the Lunar New Year, the year of the Goat/Sheep, as it depends on where you’re from.

This is really, really bad timing. I’m trying to be positive by saying that it means my parents won’t give me my birthday present, which I’m almost certain is driving lessons (I must be the only teen in the universe that doesn’t want a car).

The School have been giving us special pep talks and assemblies specifically about bad exam results and how to cope with them, but I’m fine, honestly, although my parents won’t be. Also, both of them have been in an unnaturally good mood all week and I really didn’t want to spoil that.


The upside is, my nails have been painted. The colour of strawberry milkshake goes with everything including my slow-growing shawl/blanket. Downside is, having my nails painted may have been the best time to break the school report news to my mom and I missed it.

Another upside? I have one half-term homework task already done. Only more than twenty to go.


1 thought on “But It’s Supposed To Be a Good Week”

  1. A few bad grades doesn’t mean a bad life, you’ll have opportunities to make up for it, there’s only so much scolding your parents can give you anyway. Good luck with breaking the news.
    Oh and your nails look really nice! Good choice in colour 😉


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