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Liebster Award


Ellie at LesWaterlilies nominated me for this award, and I thought, why not get involved?
Not strictly an official, huge thing, the Liebster Award highlights new blogs in a chain format from bloggers to bloggers. Think of it as an honorary initiation thing for new blogs like mine.

Here are the Rules:

  1. In a blog post, post your answers to the questions that you were asked.
  2. Create 11 questions for your nominated bloggers to answer.
  3. (Some blogs say that you have to give 11 facts about yourself. Ellie’s did not, so I’m not going to.)
  4. Let 11 new bloggers know that you have nominated them for a Liebster Award (try to make sure that they have 200 or less followers)


Here are my answers to Ellie’s questions!

1. Whose blog is your inspiration? 
The Yarn Harlot’s blog. She knits practically anything and everything and it’s great to see the kinds of stuff one person can do with fiber – especially whilst holding down a life.

2. What’s your favourite song to dance to?
I like Catallena and My Copycat by Orange Caramel – their most dance-able songs with amazingly-made, innovative, and strange music videos.
-As well as Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. It’s a universal thing.

3. What is your favourite era for fashion?
The current, modern era – because pretty much anything goes.
That said, I like the dresses from the US in the 50’s, and the really ornate, higher-class dresses from early oriental ages. Think period dramas from Far Eastern countries.

4. What film or book changed your life?
If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time you’ll probably know that I absolutely love Battle Royale by Koushun Takami. I even wrote a short blog post about it. It may not have changed all aspects of my life, but it has changed the way I look at things. For better or worse? I don’t know.

5. Do you have a go to outfit? If so, what is it?
I have a black elastic circle skirt from New Look that is my match-all component. I have two, but one has a bigger waistband which I like more. I like it so much that I refused to throw it out when I got a splodge of blue acrylic paint on it. It does come off, but with some patience. A few more washes and I think it will be possible.

So yes, that with black tights, and a simple top to tuck in, then my well-loved, slightly ragged heirloom Chili Pepper zipped Hoodie. All I need to properly complete the ensemble is a pair of burgundy leather ankle boots. Usually there’s a hand-knit thrown in as well, like a cowl or slouchy beanie.

6. What is your favourite shop?
I’m going to assume you mean clothes shop and say New Look – because their stuff fits, which is an achievement with my size requirements. I also like Quiz‘s skater dresses and collared tops, and River Island, and Dorothy Perkins. If they have a petite size range, that’s where I’ll be found!

7. What character do you think has the best style?
Fictional characters? I don’t usually pay attention to what they wear.
As for real people… I don’t usually keep up with that either, but T-Swift’s wardrobe is a dream, and Emma Watson looks good in everything.

8. Films or books?
Books. I like the smell of both new and well-loved books (although I prefer to buy new ones) and I personally find books to be more portable. Yes, I know you can watch films on your phone, but I prefer my films on a big screen, too.

9. What do you order when out at a restaurant?
Not dim sum, that’s for sure. My parents always, always order it when we go out to Chinese Restaurants. There is so much more to Chinese food than dim sum!!
If there’s salmon sashimi, though, I’ll have that.
Otherwise, I’ll ask someone for their recommendations, but anything with chicken and/or seafood are serious contenders for a spot in my stomach.

10. What is your best skin care tip?
Stick to your skin care routines if you want to see if they actually work.
I never stick to mine, so maybe if I managed to, it would help!

11. Who inspires you the most?
I don’t know.
I’m pretty sure it’s a fictional character and their identity is on the tip of my tongue, but I had a person in mind, who now won’t come to mind. I get inspiration from all sorts of places, really.


Now, whilst I am very happy to accept the Liebster Award, I don’t know 11 new bloggers, and it shames me to say that I haven’t really been looking, either. Here are some blogs that are hitting the ground running and that I’d like to get to know. I hope they’d like to get to know me, too.

Maddison at aspoonfulofmaddison
Dawn at Panda Perspective
Kara at karaellarayner
CK at tooncase
Of course, Ellie at LesWaterlilies
You don’t have to go through the process twice,
but look- You have a second nomination!
(You could always do the 11 facts thing.)

As for my remaining nominations, if you are reading this and have less than 200 followers, make a comment here! (Then consider yourself nominated – as thanks for reading!)

My Questions (I want to answer them all myself – can I do that? Another post maybe?)

  1. You have gathered the people of the world and tied them down and are about to force them to listen to one song that you think they have to hear. Which song?
  2. Do you go through phases of music? Like, one week you like rock, the other dubstep? If so, what kind of phase are you going through now? If not, what kind of stuff are you always listening to anyway?
  3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where and why?
  4. Early bird or night owl?
  5. What are 4 objects that you treasure the most?
  6. What 4 objects would you use to describe yourself? (May or may not be the same as previous question).
  7. 4 objects to represent your ideal self? (The 4 objects questions are for an art project. Thought that this would be a good place to put them!).
  8. Can you speak any other languages? If not, what language would you like to learn?
  9. What would be the essentials of your dream house?
  10. High heels or sneakers?
  11. Favourite word?



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