Knitting, Life Without Style


…No, this is not about my 17th. That’s for another post.

Actually, I’ve reached a milestone in my Pi Shawl/blanket! The endless stockinette was finally broken up by a round – a single round – of *k1, yo* (repeat to end of round).

(I would put a photo but it still looks the same. Just imagine the same lump of stockinette circles but bigger. Thanks, and sorry for any inconvenience.)

Whilst I am slightly apprehensive about the next section of stockinette, the skein is looking surprisingly small, too. I’m very excited. So much so that I’ve been-

I don’t think I’m going to finish unless I pull secret-nighters in which I knit under lamplight. It seems like a sudden thing to say, but as I was typing I got called down to dinner. Right after dinner my dad asked for my school report. I hadn’t told him that I had one – I think the School is sending out text reminders about reports now.

It didn’t go as bad as I thought it would, even as bad as it was. I think it was partly to do with the fact that my mom’s friend was here to hang out for a bit so he couldn’t yell too loudly. Also, my birthday is in two days and yelling at me is not going to make me want to take driving lessons, but there you go.

He’s blamed knitting and my headphones for my grades, which, coincidentally, are two key things that get keep me sane through the day. Music in the morning, knitting over lunch, music on the way home, and a small dose of chocolate in the evening.

I was so down afterwards that I finished two online homework pieces. My index fingers battered out each letter. I have a feeling that when I’m very old my indexes will be the first to go.


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