Life Without Style

TMI Tuesdays

So Ellie has tagged me in yet another thing, and this is one that is going to take up much more room. I’ll be answering the same 50 questions as on her TMI (link) post, but I like to write about myself, so there’ll be a bit more depth. As such, depending on how I answer them, I’ve split the lot into readable, bloggable bites.

1: What are you wearing? – When I pressed the ‘new post’ button I was wearing a cheap alphabet-print nightie from Vietnam, but have since a-freshened myself. Now wearing puffy top and bottoms that just happen to be serving as my PJs.

2: Ever been in love? – I’m not sure if the hardcore crush I had in my tween years or the 1-month ‘going out’ thing I had when I was 8 counts.
I’m going to say no – not including the celebrities and fictional characters and everything else that you can love.

3: Ever had a terrible breakup? – No.

4: How tall are you? – 4″7. I’m an entire foot shorter than Ellie.

5: How much do you weigh? – I’m also an entire stone heavier than Ellie. Go figure. (This has serious implications for my BMI.)

6: Any tattoos? – No. I’d really like some though. Nothing too rad, like pale ink lace somewhere,  a moustache the side of my left index, and an accurate ruler on my right index for knitting reasons.

7: Any piercings? – One in each of my earlobes.


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