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[Day After] Lunar Birthday

(This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but completely slipped my mind. Some of it was written on the actual day, and some today.)

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới! Happy Lunar New Year!

The text above is in Vietnamese, if you were wondering. I think it’s wonderful to have a birthday today (and theoretically it also means double the lucky red packets with money…).

Lunar New Year is usually celebrated quite minimally in my household, but Mom has taken to making traditional New Year foods this year, like bánh tết, a roll of glutinous rice, wrapped in banana leaves with a centre of fatty pork belly (although it can be made without) and yellow mung bean.


In the above photo we’ve fried some slices – it’s great when warm! (If you decide to fry some, use as little oil as possible – it’s just there so the slices don’t stick to the pan.)
Below, the stuff is wrapped up next to sugar coated things (I’m not entirely sure what they are – dried fruit pieces? Well, they are really really nice…)


Today: This year is the year of the Sheep/Goat, which sounds like a very good year for fiber crafters, so imagine my confusion when I acknowledged the feeling of NOT WANTING TO KNIT.

I know. Gasp all you will. I think it’s a side effect of yarn deprivation. I have a decently tiny stash, but I’m steadily running out of bulky yarn, which is an essential in my book. I haven’t had any recent opportunities, either, to visit the ‘local’ (45 mins away if my mom agrees to take me to work with her) craft store or splurge a bit more at the City Centre’s House of Fraser (which has a yarn section!). I picked up some of my DK, cast on, knit about three rows before I ripped it out and consequently haven’t felt the need to cast anything else on since.

I keep having to turn around and stare at the three skeins of blue cotton-blend DK, because I always imagine the shade to be lighter, and then I pick it up and think ‘that’s not right.’

All of those cotton blends in my stash are destined to be fingerless gloves, but I’m not really in the mood for them right now, y’know?

Sigh. I’ll figure something out.


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