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Sudden Yarn Store Trip, and Madoka. Feelings. Enough Said. (Not quite a review)

Last night Mom suggested that the entire family come to work with her tomorrow, and I leapt at the opportunity. All I thought about was restocking on ~yarn~! Thus, two skeins each of Stylecraft Life Chunky and Sirdar Click Chunky has found their way into the house without so much as a glance from my parents. I have vague plans for the Life Chunky to be a cowl and the Click for simple beanies for the dudes of the family.

At the local charity shop, I bought a 4mm crochet hook to replace the one I have at home for fixing knitting mistakes. The older lady at the counter seemed astonished at the thought of me crocheting – whilst the neighbourhood community there is very knit-friendly, I don’t see many young knitters at all!

I did have a post ready about reading books, which has since completely vanished without trace, so while I re-do it, here’s some Opinions of an anime I was watching this week.

Anime: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
AKA: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (Magical Girl Madoka)
I just call it Madoka Magica.

Remember how Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura were like, the Magical Girl Anime of the 90s and even really early 2000s? I never watched them.
I’m not usually into this genre at all, but Madoka Magica’s reputation precedes it on social media as misleading. I agree – it looks like other magical girl anime, cute with added frills, but its other themes and genres are undeniably dark. You have been warned by me as well.

Visually, it’s cute, crisp and clean. Witch-y areas are sketchy and childish, which is a feature I really like as well as the text that introduces some witches in unidentifiable letters, like ‘Hi, I’m ******’, basically.
I also enjoy the little snapshots of action in between otherwise really calm scenes, like Homura’s hair flicks in between an almost-still shot of her ending conversations with Madoka.
Plotwise, I’m mixed between ‘it was kind of predictable’ and ‘I didn’t see that coming.’ I think it’s the background setting/information that really ties it all together and firmly grounds the plot. Also, I feel as if the main character, whilst she is central to the plot, she pretty much cries for half the series and doesn’t do much until the end, when she does everything. Just me? Okay.

It’s a good anime to watch if you prefer the darker anime and want to ease yourself into something lighter, and vice versa. It’s not very ‘my-first-anime’ material, but everyone’s first anime is a bit different – when I say first, I’m not counting the widely English dubbed series like Pokemon/Digimon, although I do like them. I mean the Japanese-with-English-Subs kind. Mine was Naruto. My friend’s first was Attack on Titan. I know – I did warn her. Her reply was, in a nutshell, ‘Go big or go home.’ She isn’t properly hooked on anime yet, but we’re getting there – she loves the series.


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