Finished: Improvised Cowl – Pattern Pending

So today I am preparing to finish have finished this! (Picture taken before I finished, will update at some point!)

A cowl that starts off a bit loose around the neck with decreases and a change in needle size so it hugs the face a bit by the time you’ve finished casting off.

I’m always struggling to find the perfect pattern for my projects, so I end up improvising a lot. This time around, I was longing for a close-neck cowl, but also wide enough to wear with a not-completely-buttoned/zipped up-jacket so it looks cool and effortless. This one, I can literally just throw on and go, which is great!

I originally started knitting top down but I didn’t like the upside-down look of the 1×1 ribbing so I started again.
I could have done the entire cowl in stockinette, but I think this yarn really needs texture.
The grid is made up of alternating ribbing and stockinette, and the cowl is worked bottom up.

I am going to share the pattern here as my first free pattern!
It’s a lovely, relatively quick project. If you’re a slow knitter or challenged for knit time like me, it should take about one-two weeks (If you’re fast, 2-3 days?)

Whilst I prepare this exciting thing, I might make a matching hat and a designer profile on Ravelry. Watch this blog!!!


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