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Sundays are Two-faced #1

They can either be days of horror and panic as the Day Before Monday. Or they can be fun.

Firstly, here is an absolutely terrifying photo of me.


I think it’s the first photo of myself on this blog, so I might as well make it interesting. I’m trying on one of those fun face masks for kids when they visit museums at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. My sister and I visited their Ancient Egypt display, which I’m pretty sure used to have a second floor or something that has been compromised by the Staffordshire Hoard (The King in the Car Park, as I remember the news story) for the time being. Fun times.

On the other hand, I bought this coaster at the gift shop. I think my mug needs a permanently designated (but movable) spot on my desk, and how better to mark it than with a coaster with a great quote?


If you can’t read it, it says

‘I’m not everyone’s Cup of Tea and that’s really OK’.

I love it.

Then we visited the craft section of House of Fraser, because my mother just so happened to be shopping there. I don’t remember ever showing her that section, but she found us half an hour later after we failed to pick up our [silent] phones. I bought four skeins of Boston Sun Pastell by Schachenmayer, which has recently been discontinued, hence the almost-half-price reduction. I think this would make a great summer something, despite being a bulky yarn. It looks splitty, but I like the colours and fiber, so I might pick up some more if there is any when I next visit.


To round off the day, I have been revising. (Shock horror!) Oxidisation of alcohols, anyone?

Tomorrow is Monday.
We can survive this, people. *fist pumps air*


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