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Gone are Lazy Winter Days

Remember the Lazy Summer-Day Shawl I was working on? Last Sunday I weighed up the remaining yarn after almost reaching halfway, to realize in despair that I wouldn’t have enough yarn. I had been in denial about that for ages because I was using the right kind of yarn and needle but was still going to fall short. I’ve frogged it with a heavy heart. I’ll start again with the same pattern but more mods, and when the time is right.

On Thursday I ventured out to watch my youngest sibling be cute dancing and singing to Blank Space by Taylor Swift. My sister is semi-famous at her school for her cuteness and lack of height. They all know her name. I was telling people next to me, ‘that’s my sister!’
It was a really interesting experience, because she didn’t make it into my school, which is selective and highly graded by OFSTED, but she now goes to an another all-girls’ that has a grading just as high.
The two schools are within five minutes of each other by car, and yet the atmospheres are so different.
My school puts on sophisticated, rich airs whilst my sister’s is more down-to-earth. I see why others call my school posh – never has it been more evident for me.

My school holds formal events. We’re silent when girls play delicate classical pieces.
My sister was performing at a little music showcase – informal. Pop remixes throb in my ears, with the girls next to me, friends of performers, struggling to go two minutes without a holler, even when a student enters to play the… I was going to say piano. It was an electronic keyboard. My school owns two grand-ish pianos and a church organ! Our music teachers play the piano and double bass and stuff. They’re also pretty serious. Her music teacher puts maximum effort – evident in his face – as he strums the acoustic guitar for an older student singing a ballad before rushing off to organize the next bunch of young hopefuls.

I already mentioned the hollering. They’re also braver, those girls, and really supportive, even when the younger performers freeze up, can’t hold a tune, or play a lackluster song. We wouldn’t even dream of performing like that. It has to be perfect or it won’t work. At my sister’s school, I can happily woop with the mentality of ‘You Tried! And it really counts!’ without even cringing. Seriously. At my school they had to introduce House Points for Participating in House Events because nobody was having a go.

The differences are mind-blowing. I’m not trying to degrade either school at all, because I think my sister has ended up in a place that is just right for her – She’s a creative, free-spirit with a thing for the arts. Her school even has a Performing Arts Specialism that is better implemented than at my school (double specialism which includes the same). See? Perfect. It makes me wonder if I would’ve fit in there too – I love my current friends and so, but I’m struggling to keep up with the academic pressure.

That outing gave me (and maybe you too) something to think about.


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