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A Sunday Post on a Monday

My weekend blogging is still not over. This Sunday Post On a Monday is all that is left, I swear.

In the Friday Post, I didn’t mention that I finished reading Gone Girl. Looking at the reviews on Goodreads, I now agree with most of them. The first half of the book is slow-going. It felt like I was beating my way through a jungle of useless detail.
The book had been on hold for a week when I spoke to a friend who had just finished it as I sat next to her. ‘You have to get through the first third,’ she told me. ‘It gets better, but you need to read that first bit for it to make sense.’ Her head was still in her hands, her face still in an expression of shock over something from the good half.
So I pummeled through it on Friday evening and suddenly it was 11:30pm and I was done. I didn’t know what to think about the ending, and I don’t know what to say here without spoiling it. You’d think Amy changed because of her dull housewife life, but no.

A ladybird interrupted my trip to the bathroom. It looked very not-normal so I took a few pictures. Fascinating, no?

Black with two red spots! So cool.

Finally, Mom made Crab-and-Chicken Soup. Coloured naturally and a little thicker than usual. It’s so good. SO GOOD. The parents tell me tales of buying a bowl in Vietnam and celebrating if there was even the tiniest piece of real crab in there. Apparently Vietnam’s beach-life used to be so abundant, but fishing brought down the numbers really harshly.

There’s a lot of crab in that bowl.

Besides a restaurant experience which I’m putting in another post, that’s all from the weekend… I hope.


P.S. I mentioned moumoon and Epik High in my last music post. They both performed at SXSW 2015 a few days ago! Darn, I wish I was there.

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