I started knitting Saroyan. It’s a popular free pattern for a shawl on Ravelry with nearly 9000 projects, and it was the sort of thing I wanted for this yarn – three skeins of discontinued Patons Cotton Supersoft DK from a charity shop, bought at 50p per skein. It adds up to about 423yds altogether.
I’ve been looking for a project for this yarn for a while – I would really like it out of my stash, and what better to knit it into than a supersoft summer scarf? It really is as soft as the name!

I worked almost an entire repeat on 6mm needles before ripping it out because it just didn’t look nice. I’ve started again on 5mm needles and already feel much better – The pattern was much more visible. I had more than enough yardage for the original on 6mm but I’m going to have to guess a bit as I toy with the number of repeats and such. I want it to be more of a scarf than a shawl so there’ll be only 4 increase repeats and more straight repeats to add length.

The colour is a bit more vivid – it looks pastel here because of the lighting.

The pattern is really simple and easy to follow, with really nice results. I can’t wait to wear this!
I’ve called it Saroyawn because I’ve been so tired this week – really looking forward to the Easter holidays!



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