Ignore the revision I was actually doing today

So I made progress on the Saroyawn yesterday (folded so it fits in the photo, but its 20″ long now) I’ve almost finished the first of three skeins of the blue stuff, so I wound the next last night. You can see its in a painted peanut container as it just so happens to be the perfect size for it… Bigger cakes go in the big red cake tin. I wind my cakes loosely by hand using a 15mm wooden knitting needle.
When I finish this scarf it may very well end up well over 60″ long. I could have made it wider but I can’t really cope with long rows of purl stitches on the WS, so this is a good width.
The fabric is so soft. Squishing soft yarn is so therapeutic.

I’ve also repurposed the smallest notebook I have. I got it in a trade with my aunt, who was audacious enough to ask for a notebook from my little notebook collection. I gave her my least treasured, a cheap one from a convenience store in Vietnam, which only really held sentimental value because I bought it there. Nevertheless I was still a bit annoyed, even more so when she gave me this tiny one in return.
We’re talking the same aunt who put my Lila Blume shawl in the washing machine AND tumble dryer (for those who don’t know, that is the equivalent of murder to a knitter). She’s my KM Aunt, my Knitting Murderer Aunt. I wish I could say I was over that shawl but I AM NOT, because it was my first (and last) lace-weight shawl that took me a took me a painstaking month. She is also returning from her holiday today.

I got a bit off track there.
In short, I did not want to give her even my least treasured notebook. But I did and it’s come back round as a good thing, in a sense.

Normally I print my patterns first, then condense the pattern once I’m used to it so its in a compact code which fits better in my project bag. So that’s what the notebook is now used for.
Students’ clear pencil cases with revision note cards also work well for this purpose, with the added bonus of having all your knitting notions with you in plain sight, as well as not having to take the note card from the pencil case because its clear.

So, the lesson of the day is ‘be nice to everyone, even if you hold grudges against them.’


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