I’m having a fling with a pair of fingerless mitts.

I’ve toyed with the idea to agonizing lengths – taking out the Calico and Americana, playing with swatches, winding the Americana, taking measurements. If I’m going this far, it means I’m going to end up committing. I’m so sorry, Saroyawn. But I need a break from you.

So Sirdar’s Calico, in colourway 729 Oasis, is supposed to be DK, but isn’t really DK, as its thinner. I would say it’s closer to sport but I have never worked with sport weight so I wouldn’t know (after the Lila Blume fiasco, I’ve sworn never to go lighter than DK besides that lovely cotton 4ply sitting in my stash).

On the other hand, Sirdar’s Americana (204 Mexicali) is a standard DK with similar plied texture and speckled colourways.

In the skeins, they don’t look like they match. The colourway of the Calico is a bit less bluey.

I’m sure Calico is not that light in tone, but the Americana has been captured well.

But together… Oh yeah.

…But apparently if you put both yarns together the camera lightens the tone of both. Oh well.

Look at that harmony. That matchy-matchy-ness.

I’m very excited. More so because I’ve never done a striping project like this, with 2 different yarns, on fingerless mitts… Hell, these are my 2nd pair ever. With these two balls I could make at least two, maybe squeeze in a third!


P.S. I wrote this yesterday. Since then, I have cast on and ripped out the mitts twice, reverting to Saroyawn very quickly. I’m a natural improviser and I embrace it, but sometimes I just get sick of the retrying. I just want to get it right.
This is probably why I was so enchanted by Saroyan, the idea of just following a simple pattern… and I still adjusted it to a 4-leaf increase instead of 6. It’s 30 inches now, and I’m not even halfway through the second ball. I’m looking to use up all of three. It’ll be endless, I say…ENDLESS. But sometimes I throw the thing around my neck, still on needles, and the softness totally makes up for it.

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