The Dreaded First Row

Earlier this evening…

I properly started those fingerless mitts eventually. By ‘properly’ I mean ‘without ripping it out after a row’. 

 Is it just me that detests First Rows? Mine are usually much tighter than the following rows (even though it doesn’t affect my end products at all). I’m not usually into DPNs either, so doing a First Row on DPNS is a nightmare. 

 But anyway, it’s done now. These are just going to be plain mitts – a 5-row Calico border and Americana Main Body. You can barely tell in the photo but I’ve just started the main body there… 

Actually, as I type I’ve finished the thumb hole. Readers… I consider myself a slow knitter, even more so on DPNs, but I might just get the first mitt done this evening, or at the finishing stages tomorrow morning. 

New mitts for Easter? It might just be possible.


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