Fling –> Spring Fling Fingerless Mitts

  1. I finished the first Spring Fling Mitt yesterday (very proud of that name. It’s spring, it was a fling, and it’s a fingerless mitt)… and it took me a total of about 6 on/off hours. With a bit of focused knitting a mitt could be done in as little as two hours.
    Here's a terrible photo to tide you over until they are finished and I can take nicer ones.
    Here’s a terrible photo to tide you over until they are finished and I can take nicer ones.

    It really is the perfect weekend project… but now I need to weave in the ends!
    As I type I’m almost halfway through the second one (since I wrote that last bit I’ve finished and am weaving in the ends and admiring my handiwork… I can’t blog fast enough).
    Note to self: tension is terribly irregular on DPNs. Avoid where possible or figure out how to use magic loop for this sort of thing (since I already use it for hats).
    I’ve been indoors for an entire week and I think these mitts should be done on time for my Easter Outings (read: shopping).

  2. Speaking, of which, Happy Easter! My family doesn’t really celebrate it at all. I just get to enjoy the extra few days off that Mom takes (read: shopping with Mom).

    Now I’ve taken a nice picture I can finally eat these lovelies. Omnomnom
  3. Don’t you just love fruity scented sprays? I love being able to walk around and smell of sweet mango. nSpa’s sprays are great! Claire’s also offers some really nice scented sprays, although the one I bought from them also has glitter in it… There is a time and place for a sparkling face.


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