Life Without Style

Untitled Rambling

  1.  I had to wade through stacks of paper to get to the keyboard to type. This is probably a sign that I should tidy my [half of the] room. That and the fact that I knock something off of the table every time I move.
  2. I did not get the promised shopping trip in town with Mom.
  3. Instead, I went Oriental Grocery Shopping with most of my family. This differs from otherwise normal grocery shopping because we eat everything very strange things that you can’t find in Sainsbury’s.
    Like Pig Uteri.
    (Before you ask, I’ve never tried it, but it caught my eye today. I’ve tried pig intestine and jellied pigs’ blood and I did not like either. Liver, on the other hand, is not bad. Stick to your bacon and roasts.)My brother decided to stay at home in anticipation of boredom. So the remaining kids got rewards in ice cream. I picked up a brand I haven’t tried before.
    Yee Kwan‘s (click here to go to her colourful site) awesome little pots of ice cream are a bit pricier than your regular Cornettos, but I thought this Mango and Passionfruit was totally worth it. (We worried that the tubs were spoonless, but they do come with a little scoop stored in the lid.)

    What happens if you click on the photo? Does it embiggen?
  4. IMG_2238
    These are pots of loveliness. Small, but totally worth my £1.69
  5. Restocked my snack drawer with wasabi peas. I am sorted for the next week.
  6. Yes, I did finish those fingerless mitts, but now it’s too damn warm to wear them all the time.
  7. For some reason the weather went from dismal and grey to a gorgeous sunshine in the space of two days, which is too short a time for the flowers to bloom, which is what I’d hoped would be the backdrop for the fingerless mitts’ photoshoot. So there has been no photoshoot… yet.
  8. My skin hasn’t been in a good state lately, so I went all out with the exfoliating glove and now I’ve moisturized, I’m literally as soft as a baby’s butt.
  9. I tidied my very meagre Yarnstache again, although that’s really just an excuse to sit down and cuddle all my favourite yarns. If only I had this same motivation for tidying my room…

Until next time (which will probably be tomorrow).


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