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Up-To-day-te (Up To Date? Today? Geddit? …That was horrendous I’m so sorry)

Tuesday was supposed to be Mom’s extra day off work, but a few weeks ago she had accidentally booked in two (really lovely, fortunately) clients and didn’t want to cancel on them, because my Mom is also lovely.
So instead, she took all three of us kids to the Nail Salon, did those two appointments and then closed early, as you do. Then we did a bit of shopping… And spent all the money that she had earned that morning, mostly on summery things like ice cream, meringues (yes, I know I said I would make some but… Nah maybe next time) and gardening things because Mom likes to do the gardening when the evenings are lighter.

Bonus: I got to take a trip to the Craft Store. I bought cotton for washcloths (Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK) (unpopular opinion: I really love cotton yarns), but I feel guilty delaying Saroyawn any longer. I’ll just throw the 1/3 completed thing around my neck again to get me in the mood, because it’s so soft.

Bonus #2: I got my nails redone.
2 coats of hot pink Cacee BFE nail lacquer (link goes to product page), chosen (over O.P.I, might I add!!) because I have a lip crayon that matches. It’s a perfect summer shade. Cacee’s BFE nail lacquers are serious contenders with O.P.I in Mom’s salon. The lacquers are super-glossy, come in so many amazing colours and last ages… although not as long as the last nail-over I had (A rosy pink from O.P.I’s no-UV gel-effect ‘Infinite Shine’ range).

Buffed, washed, base coat, two coats of polish, and UV top coat.

 ETA: I can’t actually remember what color this was, but my bet is on Jenny after holding my fingers up to their colour chart – I will ask in a bit, but if you want a similar colour in another brand, it’s a hot pink that is borderline neon – really really bright! I’ll find out the answer today so stay tuned 🙂

I’m dabbling in crochet again. I do it from time to time – one of the oldest photos on the family ipad (so, not long ago) is of a flimsy little flower from my first attempts. Right now I am using a scrap ball of bright orange cotton to single crochet a round, spiralling face cloth/mug coaster. It’s not exactly lying flat for several reasons, but oh well. One day, though…amigurumi.)

Today: I cleared out all the empty plastic bottles from my room, which may well be a plastic recycling plant for all I know… I think Dad was a bit freaked out by the sudden accumulation by the back door.
I also opened up a box of Japanese sweets from the Birthday Box: ‘EVERYBURGER’. Basically two biscuit sandwiches with a chocolate button and something that is supposed to resemble cheese… I found it funny that the chocolate had melted so the ‘burger’ was spilling out!



You can probably tell that my days have been a bit less eventful. But hey, we’re having a BBQ tomorrow – a sure sign of summer!


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