Music – Tokyo Ghoul & hasuinonasa

I like the name hasuinonasa, it has a delightful little hiss to it.

Their videos are posted on their record label’s channel on Youtube. Zankyo Records also houses artists such as People In The Box and Cinema Staff.

So first, check out ‘Seijatachi’ (Saints) by People In The Box. This was the ending for the first season of Tokyo Ghoul. It took a while for the verses to grow on me but I really like the chorus.
(I have mentioned this anime before when I wrote about TK from Ling Toshite Shigure, who did the opening of the same season. Of course, it’s set in Tokyo, where Ghouls – human eaters – threaten the lives of many humans. Kaneki Ken is a normal dude until strange unexpected events change his life overnight. It gives interesting perspectives of both human and ghoul. I highly recommend watching the first season, then reading the rest of the plot by manga.

Anime is a pretty good way to find new music – all of Tokyo Ghoul’s opening and ending tracks are pretty unconventional and not-mainstream.)

The official video features two songs. Seijatachi starts at 5:48. I’ve fixed the link so that it starts then – hope it works!

There is another link to the anime in hasuinonasa, as their vocalist featured on Osterreich‘s ‘Munou‘, an opening song for Tokyo Ghoul’s second season. I wanted to find more of Osterreich’s songs but as far as I know they have only one single. But I found out about hasuinonasa so I decided to check them out.

(‘Munou’ by Osterreich. They don’t have an official channel, but if they ever make one I’ll update the link right away. In the meantime…)

You know what, while I’m at it, here’s the ending as well.
The video looks fairly repetitive and kinda gross, but if you watch Tokyo Ghoul the video takes on a bunch of new meaning. For that reason, I’d advise you to avoid the comments if you’re planning on watching the anime.
This is ‘Seasons Die One After Another’ by amazarashi. (They provide English Subs!)

Back to hasuinonasa… The vocalist doesn’t feature very much in the songs I found but the visuals are really interesting.
Their sound features repeated, ‘irregular’ beats that are kind of charming. It’s relaxed, mostly, but can jump to a sound of more tension.

I couldn’t help but promote Tokyo Ghoul then. It was unplanned. Anyway I hope you check out all of these interesting sounds! If you know any songs with a similar kind of vibe, comment them below – I’d love to listen to them too.


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