Stress Reading (Ultraviolet and Quicksilver, R.J.Anderson)

So it seems like a while since I last posted. The spring holidays just had to end, and I was plunged into dramatic and stressful school days again.

My art exam is next week and I had multiple science practical assessments so I’ve been too nervous a wreck to even draw a straight line. To top things off, due to clashes in timetable, I only had 2 frees out of what would usually be five this week.
I cannot wait to just go back to drawing manga. I used to be stuck just drawing the name positions and faces, but I have a new found desire to draw absolutely anything other than what I need to draw for my exam prep.

I finished reading Ultraviolet by R J Anderson, just before the term started. Like my friends who previously read the book, I did not sign up for the U-turn the plot took. The blurb reads like an assassin love story.

“Once, there was a girl that was special.
This is not her story.
Unless you count the part where I killed her.”

The first few chapters are really about a girl in a mental institution, and the second half… Well. Anderson hints at what comes, but I didn’t really believe in the second half. I think that may also have been intentional.
The tag line under the book title on the cover is ‘everything you believe is wrong’.
They got that right.

I have moved on to the sequel, Quicksilver, which has a different, but not unfamiliar, main character. I have mixed feelings about this series.
I like the diverse range of main characters, as one is asexual, one is Korean, one would totally be a plot spoiler if I told you about him… Anyway, it’s nice to read a book with a bit more diversity, but I feel like something was off for the entire thing and I can’t pin down the words to tell you guys what that is. The ending felt a bit unsatisfying, too.

My favourite part of this book was this cover. Pretty. The dodgy lighting in this photo totally works in my favour here.


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