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Better Mindset

On the night of the first day of the Art Exam (it runs over two days at AS), the exam season kind of slapped me in the face.

My attitude towards things last week was honestly kind of worrying – I had practically given up, and cried myself to sleep with paranoid thoughts of my uncertain future. But that night, I was super stressed until the exam itself ended, and I got through Double Chemistry with a more productive mindset and, after school, somehow managed to do the more focused hours of study that the Student Support Person (not a teacher) recommended I try, as opposed to 6 distracted hours. When things all go to plan I should be able to get time out before bed to shut down without technology (as in, to knit. Or Read. Whatever floats my boat that day).

Since yesterday was my first attempt at this it was difficult, and really ended up being three hours, particularly as I was interrupted to chop vegetables. But it was focused, and I actually got a bunch done. I didn’t really want to stop, actually. I knew I had so much work to do to make up for lost time.
But I shut down the computer, picked up Huntress by Malinda Lo, which I started during the Easter Holidays, and finished the last few chapters. It’s about a ‘dangerous, unheard-of journey to the city of the Fairy Queen.’ The journey itself pretty much takes up 3/4 of the book. Do I recommend it? My response is ‘meh.’ It’s a quiet read.

Back to studying – I used a free desktop application called Cold Turkey and blocked all of my distracting websites. I don’t hover much on WordPress so I don’t block it, but all of my social media and regularly-checked sites were on the list. Then I went Cold Turkey on those sites until 9, or any other specified time. It’s great. I almost cracked and went on Youtube towards the end, but of course, I couldn’t access it.

I also switched up the music I listen to as I study. 8Tracks is a great site for this as so many people post instrumental revision playlists. I steer towards the longer ones of 3+ hours. I’m currently listening to a shorter one with instrumental tracks from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Great game. Can’t play it, but my brother is Link and I’m Midna – I tell him what to do). It’s just such a shame that I can’t download the app on my old phone because you need at least Android version 4.0 to download it.

Lastly, I think I did previously mention a Young Enterprise company in my school doing custom-printed-design tote bags. I ordered mine a month ago, just before they stopped the custom orders, and they finally gave it to me today…

I know. I produced the images myself after extensive research of my favourite knitting-related quotes/puns/stuff. Its FABULOUS. I squealed showing it off to practically everyone I walked past. If you ever want the images (quotes not mine…) for your own printed things, feel free to comment and we’ll work something out.

Expect less updates as exam season slaps us poor students around a bit more!


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