Gotta Love the Basics

I started knitting around two years and three months ago.

Since then, I have made four and 1/2 cowls, three and 3/4 hats, two lap blankets, two pairs of fingerless mitts, a poncho, one lace shawl, two lacy-design scarves, a tote, a tiny bunny rabbit, and 98% of an improvised tank top. (I think that’s everything.)

You would think that, with my exponential growth in knitting skill, something like a dishcloth would be basic, a passers-by amongst the cooler stuff. (I was so excited there that I used a maths word. Wow.)

Clearly, as these photos show, this is not the case. I absolutely love this face cloth.


Even the back is pretty!!

   Pattern: Chinese Waves Dishcloth
Yarn: Stylecraft Classique 100% Cotton DK (un-mercerized)
Needle Size: 4mm ( US6?)
Dimensions: 8×8 inches.
I cast on 47 stitches and knit until it was the right length.

It’s really luxurious, and we all know a girl needs some luxury!


P.S I also finished this. It’s a stuffed square specially for fiddling with. Goodness knows how much I fiddle with yarn. I squeeze it, stretch it, flatten it, roll it, fold it… and occasionally throw it at people. 

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