Life Without Style

Thoughts of the Week.

The one time I leave posting for a week and a bunch of things happen.

  1. This Friday has definitely not been good for my soul. We are slowly easing into the exam period through EMPA papers and looming deadlines. Did I mention it’s May? My first official timetabled exam is in less than a week. Scream.
  2. If there’s anything I should do more often, it’s moisturize myself from head to toe after a shower. I am going to work my way through all of those gifted shower cream and lotion gift sets, because they were made for self-pampering so I shall self-pamper. I smell of white musk, cocoa butter and lemon right now!
  3. I suddenly picked up my skincare routine again – you know, the one I never ever stick to- and it has accidentally broken another of my bad habits: touching my face all of the time. Talk about killing two birds with one stone; When my face has been treated with cleanser, exfoliator, toner, multi-step acne treatments and lots of moisturizer, I don’t like to ruin all the work by rubbing my bacteria-laden fingers all over my face. That and I don’t like doing it anymore because my skin feels a bit different, not sure how to explain it. Hand sanitizer also helps for when I let my guard down.
  4. Occasionally I get emails from Pinterest, Tumblr and WordPress about weekly updates or interesting things I might like to look at. Pinterest popped one in the inbox about ‘Workspaces’, featuring boards like this one.
    I looked around at my ‘workspace’. Considering the mess, I’m not sure it even is a space. A big declutter and major tidy is in order.
  5. Anyway, I opened up another interesting looking product from the Birthday Box… It’s some sort of candy bento box. All the separate components come in sachets of powder, which you put into moulds and add water to. Making the snack requires skill in itself…
    IMG_2302In my defense, all the instructions were in Japanese.
  6. I frogged Saroyawn before I could regret it. There aren’t many patterns out there that I feel really accentuate solid yarns. Then I had a bingo moment.
    I think this cotton was meant to be a really long, shallow, sideways-triangle linen stitch scarf. I swatched in the dead of night yesterday due to inability to sleep, with the basis of this pattern.
  7. If you saw the weird looking link-post from a few days ago, that was because I joined, which is useful because, being a WordPress blog, I can only keep track of WordPress blogs and there are lots of cool blogs on other platforms which I lose track of. Bloglovin lets me keep up with almost all of them, which is great! (It also lets non-Wordpress Readers keep track of this one. I’ll be adding a button to my homepage in a bit. Follow me!)
  8. That being said, I’m scrolling through all of these blogs with names which kind of correspond to what their blog is about. When I first started this blog earlier this year I mentioned that I had absolutely no ideas for blog names, and I still don’t.
    I just need to think of the right one. Although I feel that anything that sounds remotely light and princess-girly will have to call for a theme change, too, as right now its very decidedly not. On the other hand, I don’t want a sunshine-and-roses blog – it goes against its very essence – more like ‘lighting up tunnels’, really.
  9. Speaking of names, the newborn British Princess has been named HRH Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge. Charlotte was one of the most popular names for bets – I read that one person won £1400 after betting £400!

A special good luck to Art Students like myself who are in utter panic.


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