Life Without Style

Getting through Exam Season in one piece… Mostly.

We’ve hit the ground running, and now your head hurts with all of this cramming and stressful stuff.

You need to take care of yourself.

I know I have been guilty of not doing this in the past: not bothering to brush my hair, throwing on the nearest top not caring when it was last washed, even forgetting to shower at times… You know the drill. But this exam season has been a bit different so far – I’m making sure to prioritize my health when I need to.

  1. Set yourself a cut off time before bed. Even if you’re not in bed afterwards, keep a set time to brush your teeth, wash your face, refresh yourself again before the longer night ahead.
  2. Always have some sort of drink by your desk. I keep water, coconut water or fruit juice. When it’s colder or lazier I crank out the soups, improvised mocha and tea concoctions… And refill regularly. Stay hydrated, especially as somebody out there was smart enough to think ‘hey, lets put exam season in the summer when it’s hot.’
  3. Something I learnt a few days ago: You need a chocolate stash, and always have some with you if you’re revising in school, lest a crying friend walk out of her own exam needing consolation. Have tissues handy.
  4. Whatever routines you have, stick to them! Leave no room for slacking off and let no excuse deter you. One ‘it’s okay, it’s only one night and this exam is more important’ lets you learn that it really is okay until you fast forward a few months regretting not sticking to anything. Besides, I find that my routines help me to unwind and keep me sane.
  5. I have mentioned this before, but grab the body butter, and moisturize yourself from head to toe after a shower or bath. Basically, pamper yourself when you need it – and right now, we all need some love.
  6. Sort out a super slow playlist. I’m really jittery and hyper the night before an exam, so I need to calm down. Without my super slow playlist I wouldn’t get any sleep at all. Some sleep is better than no sleep. You could try making a playlist with a ‘fighting spirit’ mood for the next morning.
  7. Sort out your stuff the night before. What you’re going to wear, what revision material you’re packing, ID tags and stationery, bus fare. Basically, do whatever you can now to lessen the burden tomorrow!

Still sending my best wishes to all of you exam-takers! You’ve got this!
Share anything that helps you during this stressful time.


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