Life Without Style

A Notice (Plus Updates)

Over the next few weeks (or days) you might notice a bunch of changes, such as the name of the Blog (now Swantori, soon to be something else) as well as a little logo (!!) and updating the About Page, adding a Contact Page… Possibly changing to a different free theme (ah yes. The charm of the Free Themes).
I would dedicate my entire weekend to this but I’ve decided to do it in installments. One change at a time.

I was going to wait until exams were over but I’m really excited for this, and I hope you, dear readers, are too.


Update: the blog is now called Twenty Swans! Check out the newly updated about page to find out why.

Update #2: Here are some extras…

The list of potential names.

I didn’t pick ‘Swan O’ Sweet Swatches’ because, as much as I would like to make this a knitting blog, it’s not the only thing I post about… unfortunately. I liked the accompanying logo underneath.
‘Zwanzig Swanna’ is the correct spelling of the second one. I was never great at German. That one was ruled out quickly since it just didn’t feel right.
‘Twenty Swans’ was a clear favourite, it sounded crisp and lovely with a bunch of potential logo material. (Although, I just googled it and there’s a fashion label from Jakarta with the similar name of SwansTwenty. I prefer mine. Plus my logo is cooler.)
‘Oh, Swanna’ sounds very cutesy and klutzy which also didn’t have the feel that I wanted.
‘Swan Cell’ is a Biopsychology joke. The Schwann cell in your neurons produce the myelin sheath that insulates the axon and makes action potentials travel faster down the axon. It wasn’t a serious option…

Draft of the About Me page, featuring Eeyore.
The most probable logo!

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