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In which picking Angel Sky & Heaven White as Nail Colours was totally a coincidence.

It’s the half term holidays now. We all know what that means… New nail design!

This year, thanks to relaxed sixth form rules regarding nails, everyone has come in with different designs at least every term, if not every week! I am not great at painting my nails, so I wait until the holidays when Mom (a trained professional) does them for me…

This time around, Mom was keen to use a new technique from YouTube- The water marbling technique. It looks so simple but it took us an hour just to get my ring fingers done!

You can see the ring finger design better in this photo.

It’s a hard method to explain, so you’re probably just better off Youtubing the technique. It involves taping your fingers lightly so that your fingers aren’t covered in polish, then dropping polish in water, creating a pattern with a toothpick, then sticking your nail in.
Here are some extra pointers if you’re going to give this a go:

  • Don’t use the horrendously cheap polishes. The colour will not spread nicely in the water.
  • As mentioned, really really time consuming on your first try.
  • Uses up a ridiculous amount of polish, about ten fingers’ worth for one fab nail! Even more if you go wrong! Is it worth it? You decide. Personally, I’d rather not do this again.

The colours used this time around are:

  • Glam Lac’s Nail lacquer in Angel Sky (blue)
  • Misa Nail Lacquer in Heaven White
  • Glam Lac’s Nail lacquer in Orchid Dream (purple)

Altogether, these colours make a gentle combination. If only the skies were as blue as my nails right now…

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