Knitterly Updates #1: Finished Facecloth

Due to exams I haven’t knitted as much as I would have, just picking up yarn and petting it and swatching with it occasionally. I had a small face cloth project to keep me going, though – Facecloths are my new favourite portable knitting project!


I didn’t think it was possible, but I think I like this cloth more than the Chinese Waves. The seed stitch is more nubbly which makes it perfect for gentle exfolation. I’ve fallen in love with using my own handknitted facecloths for my new skincare routine! At the same time, until I find a miraculously more-perfect facecloth pattern I think I’m going to end up sticking to these two patterns as they’re great for their intended purposes.

An added bonus is that whilst I expected to only have enough of this cotton for two face cloths, I just wound up the rest and it looks like I’ll have enough for a third!


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