Knitterly Updates #2: Current Project

I did a lot of swatching and Rav surfing during my revision breaks. Despite lots of theoretical calculating and mental swatching with my stash, I settled on a simple, free pattern from Purl Soho again.

This is the Purse Stitch Scarf inspired by the Open Air Wrap from Purl Soho. I’m knitting it based on a mod I saw in the comments that reverses the pattern so that it is mostly k2togs and not p2togs.

I’m using the Patons 100% cotton 4ply that I was initially going to use for the Lazy Summer Shawl, but frogged because of bad maths. Like the pattern suggests, it is also fingering weight, but I’m using 5mm needles instead of the recommended 3.75mm, because knits are generally tighter than purls. Arguably I could’ve just gone up to 4mm, but my gut told me to go bigger.


Hand there for size reference.

I think this scarf will be great to throw around my neck on cooler summer/autumn evenings. Another thing is that this pattern almost flies off the needles even if I only knit half an hour a day. It’s easy enough that once you have your rhythm of k2togs and yos sorted, you can get a fair bit done in half an hour even if you normally knit at a snail’s pace like me.

In fact, I did a size check this morning and it’s 24″!! That’s longer than my arms!


(P.S. Mom just called us kids and told me that [paraphrased] ‘now you’re just staying at home and doing nothing you should totally just clean the bathroom, your room and vacuum it too while you’re at it’ as if I don’t have two very important exams in… Three days?!?! *swears under breath*

P.P.S. I usually get so irritated when she says things like that that I do all the chores anyway to help vent out my anger, like I’ve just done now. I think my mother is onto something here.)

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