Life Without Style

Weekly Thoughts #3

  1. Luckily for me, my last exam was yesterday. I know there are still so many more of you who are nowhere near done just yet – hold on! Til the bitter end!
  2. I didn’t plan my 5-day weekend, which leaves me with flexibility to go help out at the Nail Salon, watch TV, and help out with more chores, of course. I made a vague attempt to organise the mess in my room into a neater-looking mess, and hopefully today I can begin to chuck out unneeded paper.
  3. Also, now I’m at home all day I get to borrow my Twerp’s laptop while she’s at school. I’m sitting in the corner of my bed, typing this. Bliss, but why can’t laptops survive more than two hours without the charger? Why???
  4. Mom touched up her roots with Garnier’s Nutrisse Cream hair dye earlier this week. Obviously as she was just touching up her roots when the bottle was made for an entire head, she put loads on them before she looked at me suspiciously.
    She dyed (with my consent!) just the top crown area of my head a deep plum. Since my hair is so dark anyway I thought it wouldn’t be noticeable, but in this summer (!!) light it seems that just one section of hair on my left side is totally plum-lighted, whilst it is less noticeable on the other side. I think the colour is fab – and shows up much better than you would expect on my ‘brown so dark it’s black’ natural colour. Even some friends at school noticed.
  5. Despite investing in moisturisers for oily skin, it seems my super budget skincare brands haven’t really figured out how to sort out our problems yet. But I don’t want to ‘splash out’ (by this I mean spend a tenner instead of a fiver) so much on 50ml bottles. Sigh – I’m such a cheapskate and it shows. But despite not actually fulfilling all the terms on the label, my skin has improved somewhat. I either need to invest in a good powder next, or try to pass off this oil-fest for a ‘dewy’ look. Powder recommendations, anyone?
  6. I pulled out the cross-stitching again, after months and months on hold. Post to come – I just ended up writing enough for its own post.
  7. I am almost out of matcha green tea powder, but don’t know when next I’ll be able to get some. Yet another thing about my future is uncertain.

I really like writing Weekly Thoughts. They’re a great way to summarise the good bits of my week and sometimes, I have so much to write that it spawns a few more posts!

Until next time,


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