Knitting, Life Without Style

Weekly Thoughts #4

This week, they’re mostly about me being paranoid about the future.

  1. Whilst making the Purse Stitch Scarf, I’ve been measuring it up using my arms and have finally reached my second shoulder. It seems as if the more I knit, the slower progress becomes… But soon I may just have a summer scarf (on time for the scorching heats of Late June!) It seems to be good practice to make a scarf that’s the same length as your height – I got this tip from the Ravelry forums – but I’m too short to make this tip work for me, so it might just have to be double the length!
  2. Returning to school has been a less than happy experience. With three of my subjects, we’ve dived straight into A2 learning. With Art, we’re even expected to have a new sketchbook ready even though a good number of us are expecting to drop it next year which would mean a wasted investment.
    (Update: All is well, we don’t have to anymore and can just spend £1 on the school ones, small enough, in A4 instead of our usual A3, to last us until the summer.)
    The Psychology Department, as ever, seem to have the right idea with giving us a summer research project to do, saying ‘even if we taught you A2 material, you’ll all forget it by September.’
    They get us. Totally. On the other hand, this project involves five-minute spoken-only-with-an-A6-card presentations and uni-style 1500 word essays (citations? References??What??), which many of us have not done before. Gulp.
  3. My Art work is being moderated. I feel like crying whenever I walk into the department now – I feel a lot of regret over the work (well, lack of) that is going on the walls for moderating this year. I think on Results Day I’m going to cover the area with my Art grade on it. I did think I had made peace with my grade and all, but until the summer, the Art ghosts are going to be kicking me in the butt. Feels as if my art teachers look at me with pity – not a good sign.
  4. Regrets.
  5. And more regrets.
  6. I’ve always wanted to try knitting baby things. I don’t know any babies to knit for so I’ve never had a reason to. This year two of my teachers are going on maternity leave so I’m taking the chance. Baby booties! Squeal!
  7. I have a few skincare posts lined up, but I think that ‘daily routine’ posts show everyone the products that work for you, and have therefore made it into the routine because they contribute to your flawless complexion. My skin isn’t exactly great right now, but it has also shown great improvement after an outbreak a couple of weeks ago. But then again, it always seems to improve right around that time of the month, so I’m going to leave it another week before figuring this out. I guess you could say I’m still getting to know my skin. So, post or no?
  8. I think I have a cold.
  9. *sneezes*
  10. Or is it hayfever?
  11. *sniffs*

Apologies for slipping with the posting this week… Clearly, I had nothing to say!


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