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New Nails and Charity Shop Buys!

So over the last week I’ve been helping out at the Nail Salon again.
I removed the polish from last time, and my nails began to hurt. This is normal, apparently, especially when I have had polish on my nails all year without a break. The pain only lasts a day or two so as soon as my nails felt comfortable again, Mom popped on some new colours for the last few weeks of the summer term.


  • Cacee’s Nail Lacquer in Summer (Yellow)
  • Glam Lac’s Nail Lacquer in Neon Pink

The neighbourhood in which Mom works is different to that of my home, which is closer to the city centre. Mom’s workplace is situated on the local high street so when the Salon isn’t busy, I’ll go browse the local shops. There are two charity shops, which are my go-to places to buy books and rarely, yarn. Today I got a good haul.

Is it Just Me? by Miranda Hart. I already own the paperback copy of this but when I saw the hardback in the shop window I couldn’t resist. I’m giving the paperback away to a friend where, hopefully, the laughs will catch on. According to the cover, the hardback is worth £20. I bought it for £1.50, people. I wish numbers could be in caps, but this is what the bold button is for.


Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix – That makes 6/7 books from the series, all of which were bought at charity shops! They’re all in really good condition too apart from one which has a little rip in the paper cover of the Hardback, and the second book which has gone through a lot of wear. Order Of The Phoenix is one of the chunkier books in the series, though, so if I see it in hardback anywhere else it will be mine.

-Unknown Cotton 4ply yarn in Black – Recently the charity shops haven’t yielded any interesting yarn other than basic acrylics, but I saw this bunch stuffed at the bottom of the yarn basket and gawped. I love cotton yarns and that isn’t a secret, but I’m not so sure what I’m going to do with 360g of black, which, if my hunch is correct, equals over 1000 yards to work with. Giant shawl? Lacy top? The possibilities are endless, and this was a steal at £2.

Finally, I have just hit 200 likes! *round of applause* Thank you, thank you.


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