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Sunday Snaps!

Every now and again, it actually feels like summer in England, especially on days like last Sunday. By complete coincidence I ended up in the garden holding Mom’s phone, which has a great, 20-point-something megapixel camera. The only other thing I know about it is that it’s from Sony’s flagship Xperia Z series. Aren’t I great with gadgetry?

I went a bit wild with the snapping but here are my favourites.

Garden 01
The main garden plot, which is beginning to fill with blooms and herbs.
I love this shot so much that it’s my current twitter header.
Flowers by the Fence, Featuring my Fashion-Forward Mom. (Alliteration!)
Cannot wait until these are red and ripe.
A nice shot of the apple tree for good measure.

In other news, I thought I had until the end of term to finish this baby gift, but the baby shower is tomorrow. I have to knit up a 25g ball of yarn, and right now? I still have 23g left to go! Truth be told, there is no definite deadline, but I’d like to give in my gift at the same time as the others.

In short, I’d better get a move on.


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