Free Graze snack box! (Review and code)

(Scroll down for a friendcode for a free box, as well as your 5th and 10th if you decide to continue your orders! You have to give payment details but it’s really easy to stop orders if you want to.)

(Disclaimer: I was not paid or anything. I just ordered my free box and I’m giving an honest review of my experience.)

Graze are a snack company that deliver healthy snacks (although they have a treat range too) to your door. They are often doing ‘free first box’ deals, and whilst I know that we should always be cautious of online deals (my dad got duped once), my curiosity got the better of me and I ordered my free box (I am a sucker for freebies). I ordered it on Wednesday, they packaged it and sent it off on Thursday and it arrived on Saturday… so, pretty quick!

(Sorry, US residents, but as far as I know they deliver nationwide in the UK only!)

The boxes are conveniently letter-box sized so that they are delivered with your post. I chose to order a ‘light box‘, where all the snacks chosen are under 150 calories… surprisingly, the selection was still big.

The snacks they send are usually a random selection based on your ‘try’, ‘like’, ‘love’ or ‘bin’ ratings. All the snacks are set to ‘try’ by default (you shouldn’t be picky with things you’ve never tried) but if there’s something you really really despise then you can ‘bin’ it, but if you want it in your next box there’s an extra ‘send soon’ tick box!

In my free box, I received the Banana/Hazelnut Bread with their Afternoon Tea Infusion (a tea bag) , the Veggie Sushi Plate, the Rhubarb and Custard and the Roasted Pistachio Nuts. They’re not all what they say in the titles but the graze website does list the things in each mini-box in full so you know it’s not real custard or salmon sashimi.

I can tell you all now, that as I type, three out of four snacks have been demolished and I am munching on my sushi plate. I’m the sort of person who eats almost everything, so the format of these boxes with the surprises and the healthiness is my thing. Unfortunately, my sister can’t eat half of the available snacks because of her specific nut allergies, so if you also have nut allergies you’ll probably want to avoid these snacks.

At full price, this is £3.99. Graze also do loyalty offers and things that make it even more affordable than it already is. Plus we ran out of snacks at home so the free delivery to your home makes it very convenient. I will probably be buying from Graze again, just not that often, and only when I need to or feel like trying something new.


P.S. I have two kinds of codes available. One is the reward code, for 1st, 5th and 10th boxes free (this brings down the price to around 2.79 per box if you buy 10 boxes!). Here’s a special link with the code: https://www.graze.com/uk/p/XUANV6QCU
(I get a reward for this one, so it’s win-win.)

The second code is for a £5 voucher. This pays for your first box and about £1 of your next, or just £5 off a sharing box (worth £15). I don’t get a reward for this one but it might be more convenient for some of you. Plus I have only two of these and it’s only valid for 1 person at a time. If you’d like this one, email me here: twentyswans@gmail.com and I’ll reply with the code. It’s first come, first serve.
P.P.S. Remember to stop your orders if you only want the one free box, or payment will be taken for the next one!!!

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