Time flies when most of the lighting in the museum is artificial.

Surprisingly, AT had never been to the local museum and art gallery before, so RZ and I took her out for the afternoon (although once we got there she seemed to have flashbacks of primary school trips).

As always, minus the selfies, there are surplus photos that I can safely share with you, this being a semi-anonymous blog and all… (Most of these are from AT, apart from the last one which is mine. RZ’s photos were 99.9% selfies, the not-selfie still had our faces in it… Soz, RZ. Much love <3)

First, browsing the modern museum that is… Selfridges’ ground floor. It’s a lot of fun just browsing all of the overpriced gimmicks.

Look! Crocheted Egg Animals! Why!?

Then, the actual Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. In an old post I briefly mentioned my last visit a few months ago, but going with friends was much more fun. Plus, this time around we had considerably more time to browse.

An Old Map.
They did tell us to make our own faces…
Hey look- a semi-anon photo of me, blurred and from the side. Clearly, I ‘dressed’ up for today…
I captioned this one. Ever so slightly ashamed.
The jewelry, pottery and porcelain display room.

IMG-20150709-WA0008 IMG-20150709-WA0014


AT, very interested over there. She seems really at home with the historical stuff- I honestly can’t believe she’s [maybe] only visited once!
And with that, I don’t have much left to say, other than that I’m sure we only looked at one floor of the museum and the Whitehall Museum was closed… so we should do this all over again sometime!


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