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Skincare Routine: Face Moisturising

To moisturise my face, I used to use Niveas Refreshingly Soft Moisturising Cream, borrowed from Mom as she has so many tubs stashed away! It’s a really cheap option too – about £6 for a 200ml tub. (Compared to the two I have bought, which were about £5 for a 50ml tub/tube!!)

I recently went on a search for products for my oily combination skin and, while there is a selection to choose from, it’s much more limited compared to sensitive and dry skin products… Although I did have five products in my hand at one point. I ended up picking these.

Garnier Moisture Match Matte Moisturizer for combo/oily skin. Boots Botanics Shine Away Mattifying Day Cream with SPF 15.

A key thing to look out for is a gel like texture, whether it states that it’s a gel, or a cream with a gel texture. For this, the Botanics Day Cream doesn’t quite fit the bill although there is a separate gel cream available. I chose this one for the SPF… I found other SPF moisturizers/day creams for other skin types, where are the ones for oily skin?
The Garnier Moisture Match (on offer at Boots right now for £2!!) does have the gel like texture, but I found that both don’t really mattify much and don’t control oil production as well as they say they do. In fact, I daresay I’m shiner, but it’s fresh-shiny and not grease-shiny…

Both have a pleasant scent that doesn’t last long. They absorb really well into my skin with some very light massaging.
When I first bought these I used the Moisture Match at night, and the day cream in the morning, but now I use the Moisture Match before both my day and night creams (there will be a separate post for the night cream!)

What are your favourite moisturisers?


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