As of 12:30 yesterday, the summer has started and so has the perpetual boredom, and the bubbling hype leading up to AS results day…

I’m not one to laze around doing nothing (!) so I have my own goals set for this summer. This includes a reading list, picking up that new language again, as well as those musical instruments, drawing, and this knitted bag.


The pattern is Ilene, the yarn Schachenmayr Select Belisia, which I picked up two balls of on sale at House of Fraser’s craft section. I didn’t buy them with a project in mind – I just adored the colour and had been eyeing this particular yarn for a while before I finally bought them.

I have made a cotton bag before, but that ended up being gifted to my aunt in Vietnam. This one is for me. I like the really easy lace pattern, the simple construction (for my intermediate skills, anyway) and the short handle it will have, as cotton stretches pretty well and I’d rather not have the bag dangle down to my feet like with my standard tote bags.

You start off by knitting a block of stockinette, then picking up the stitches around the edge to create the base. Having started the lace already, I’m pretty proud of myself because I managed to pick up all those stitches and make them look like part of the pattern. It’s hard to show off without some sort of visual aid, though.

I said the lace was easy to knit but it also takes ages… Hopefully a healthy dose of movie nights this summer will solve that!


P.S. Thinking about winning the Psych prize yesterday still warms my heart. Do I colour the book in crayon or do little patterns in fineliner pens? Exciting.

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