O.P.I Avojuice Skin Quenchers Sample Set

The O.P.I Avojuice Skin Quenchers Sample Set is a lovely set of hand/body lotions in a set of 6 for about £10. Mom bought this for us kids so the set got divided between the three of us. I adore the smell of mango-scented products but my brother bagged that one before I could get a chance!

The only decent picture I could take of the lotion set before Twerp and Derp retained them again…

I ended up with the coconut melon lotion and the peppermint shimmer scented lotions. I especially love the scent of the peppermint…mmm.

They have a medium-thick consistency which is just a teeny bit runnier than lotions you would normally pick up, and this means that they’re very lightweight and absorb really quickly without any greasy feeling whatsoever! The sample sizes are ideal for popping into your purse – I keep mine on my desk (next to the hand sanitiser) since I don’t moisturise my hands whilst I’m out.

Hopefully I can convince Mom to pick up a full-size mango lotion, because if I remember correctly, they’re huge and come with a pump so they’re perfect for keeping on my desk.


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