Lip Crayons

Recently, I haven’t made a secret of how much I love lip crayons. There isn’t any particular reason for my love for them, but the world has just been working with me on this. I have a small collection of eight (so far!) and four of them were gifted, despite not actually promoting my love for lip crayons to my friends or my mom…

They are just as varied as other lip products – some really last, others are glossy, some are balmy. Some are a bit of everything.
Here is my entire collection of eight, along with some terrible swatches.

L-R, Brand: Neutrogena, CoverGirl, Revlon Sweetheart and Honey, No7’s Berry and Daydreamer, Next’s Lip Pencil Set
Top Four, from top to bottom:  Neutrogena, Covergirl, Both No7 High Shines in Daydreamer then Berry
Bottom Four, from top to bottom: Revlon in Sweetheart then Honey, then both Next Pout and About.
  • Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Colourstick in Bright Berry – My favourite. Moisturizing? Yes! The balmy feel lasts a good few hours as well, or at least until you eat.
    The shade is a lovely berry pink tone which lasts all afternoon. After eating, it fades a little but it takes a bit more effort to get rid of all of it.
    It provides pretty high shine for a few hours. Pop a lip gloss into your bag if you want to keep that effect all day, though.
  • Covergirl  LipPerfection jumbo gloss balm in Blush Twist (210)
    This feels a lot more drier than other balms I’ve used, and I have to reapply this a lot, so it’s not really well used.
    The shade is a really light, rosy pink tint. it barely shows up on my lips.
    I wouldn’t call it glossy – more like really fine glitter.
  • No7 High Shine Lip Crayon – I think I have shades Berry and Daydreamer from a duo gift set, so they’re smaller than the normal ones.
    Both are more like tints with just a little pigment.
    The glossiness is very similar to, but lighter than, the Covergirl one I have – but has less fine glitter and a bit more glossiness. In short, they’re like the Covergirl gloss balms but much better. Less drying, too.
    Not to be confused with the High Shine Intense, which I assume has more pigmentation. I’d like to try some of those out if they’re anything like my crayons.

These two are from Revlon, and very similar:

  • Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Sweetheart Valentine (bought from a shop selling US products)
    The ‘Sweetheart’ is really vivid on my lips and lasts even through eating, especially on the rims of my lips, so make sure you top up or you’ll end up with a weird lip-lined effect. It feels very moisturizing when I first apply it. The colour is so bright that I’d only really wear it on a partying night out (or with a suitable dress, since I’m not a party-goer). It is quite shiny when first applied.
  • Revlon ColourBurst Matte Balm in Honey (bought from a Boots UK store)
    The Honey Matte Balm feels more lipstick-y and the shade is my natural lip-colour but a tiny bit pinker and shinier, so not completely matte. I would moisturise the lips before applying the crayon as it is drying after about three hours, which is usually about the time that I eat, anyway, so it doesn’t bother me as I’ll reapply anyway.

Both have a strangely refreshing minty scent. Thought you’d like to know about that.

  • Next’s Pout and About Jumbo Lip Pencil
    These were bought in a set of two with a light and dark shade. They’re new to me, but my first impressions are that they’re more lipstick-y than most of the others, but they still glide over my lips really nicely. Again, I prefer the darker colour of the two. They were on sale when Mom bought them, so I don’t know if they will still be sold afterwards – originally £6 for the set, but bought at £3 – very affordable either way.
    Both shades are slightly sheer. The Dark shade is a light cherry colour whilst the Light shade is what I think you might call a blue-toned pink which doesn’t match well with my skin tone unless I’m having one of those paler days.

What are your favourite lip crayons? Thinking of trying these out?


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