Nail Polish that Glows In the Dark? Count Me In!

You read that right!

Color Club have released a spin-off collection of their Poptastic range – the Poptastic Pastel Neon Remix (woah, what a mouthful!).

I saw the little display of the collection of colours when I visited the Nail Supplies store with Mom, and I was drawn to them like a magnet. Mom, to my surprise, agreed to purchase them as they were quite affordable there (nail supplies are always cheaper at a beauty stockist’s but you usually need to be a professional and in the trade to be allowed in!). However, a few colours were already out of stock but we got 5, so enough for a colour on each nail.


The Colours are, from left to right, little finger to thumb:

  • Blue: Get Down Tonight
  • Green: On the Flip Side
  • Purple: Feel The Funk
  • Yellow: It’s Electric
  • Orange: Soul Sister


The colours are really sheer when applied. It took 3 coats to get this opacity, which I’m not so happy about as they are nowhere near opaque.

They’re very glittery as well as light and I think that’s the reason this ended up being so sheer. Y’know, if I wanted sheer colours I would’ve bought O.P.I’s sheer tinted range. (

It also seems like it is quick to dry when really, it is not. It looks and feels dry after 5 minutes but press lightly (key word here, as even some of the best lacquers give way with enough pressure 10 minutes into drying) with the edge of your nail and you’ll leave a permanent, annoying little dent. Not that this happened to me, obviously, I say as I glance at my thumbnail and flare my nostrils at it.

Another key thing is  that the polish barely lasts a day before chipping. I did buff and file and base-coat my nails, although some of the base coat came off as I forgot to wear gloves whilst using acetone, whoops. Anyway, this does not excuse a wear time of less than 24 hours. Two are chipping and even more are doing that thing where they are basically ready to chip and I’m trying not to pick at them. This is really irritating.

However, the most important question is, as we all know, does it glow in the dark?

I wish I could take a photo of my nails right now, but HELL YES, THEY GLOW IN THE DARK… and I think that almost makes up for all its cons. If only they would last more than one night out (not that I go out at night).


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