Life Without Style, Makeup

Weekly Thoughts #9

  1. At home my sister and I had a semi spontaneous painting session. She really wants to improve her painting skills but she couldn’t keep up the will to practice and gave up quite quickly. My brother happened to come downstairs and decided to pick up from where she left off. He added tons of grey, turned a petal into a ladybird and etcetera. Dad came home and asked if the leaf was a cabbage. Mom thought the entire picture looked like a butterfly. I thought it could all pass for a scene from ‘Jack and the Giant Beanstalk’ if you had enough imagination (and tilted your head to the left!).
  2. The original photo, my unfinished painting and Twerp/Derp’s masterpiece.
  3. Anyway, the painting in question now has a place of honour above the light switch in the dining room!
  4. Secondly, my orthodontist appointment came up so, due to conflicted appointments at work too, I had to take the day off and make my own way there for the first time. I was worried about being late but it turns out the building is only ten minutes from the city centre and I was only on the dentist chair for a maximum of two minutes! It was my last ever appointment, too. My retainers are now to be be worn night-time only for the forseeable future.
  5. During Daily Posting week I did a short review on Superdrug’s Refreshing Toning Mist, and commented on how the spray head could be much better. Well, Muji does spray bottles and I picked one up hoping it diffused liquid to be more misty. It does – so I don’t have to hold my spray at arm’s length anymore. The spray head also fits onto the normal packaging so I can still use the original bottle (until I begin to run low, because the tube doesn’t quite reach the bottom of the bottle) . If I feel like I need a travel bottle then I’ll definitely pick up another one. The original spray head fits onto the Muji bottle and I’ve given it to Twerp for her water sparring with Derp.
  6. I also picked up the cotton pulp undereye patches (£1.50 for 20) from Muji to try out. Basically the patches (and face sheets) allow you to make your own sheet masks using your own toners, serums or lotions. I assume it will use up a lot more product than usual so it may be a good way of using up some products I like but don’t love so that I can buy more.  I tell you now, Muji will probably be my go-to for little, affordable essentials like these from now on and I still cannot believe I first entered the store about 3 weeks ago.
  7. I have been trying to get used to sleeping on my back instead of in a funky side/front position, mostly so my face has less contact with pillow-bacteria, my night cream doesn’t rub off, and I may sleep in these eye patches so I’d rather they didn’t come off quickly too. Whenever I fall asleep on my back I consistently wake up at 4am in the morning and I’ll switch to my regular position just to speed up my return to dreamland – something I need to work on, I’m sure.
  8. First Impressions: I also bought Garnier’s Refining Shine Be Gone Toner as my Lancome Toner samples are fast running out (they did last a long time though). It smells like its matching moisturiser but it is tingly, much like Lancome’s Clarifying Tonique Eclat so be careful when applying near the eyes. Same applies to the nose, as the smell can also be a bit sharp. Nothing I can’t stand though, personally, although if you have sensitive skin I would steer clear. Garnier have plenty of other options available for the same great prices, though. The packaging means it’s so easy to accidentally drown the cotton pad which is quite annoying, but for the price it doesn’t seem like too much of a waste.
  9. Lack of whatsapp and busy working schedule means limited contact with friends and that makes me very sad, as I miss them all to bits and I’ll only get busier as the holidays go on. By this weekend I will have worked for two weeks straight without a day to myself.

We have reached August. This means counting the days until Results Day and I am suddenly glad I have work to take my mind off it all temporarily.


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