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Colour My Life In, Why Don’t ‘Cha?

Adult colouring books have grown slowly but steadily in popularity and now I’ve been nudged, fashionably late as always, onto the bandwagon too. It’s relaxing, and we all know how much of an advocate I am for relaxing stuff, being a knitter/cross-stitcher/artistic-ish/manga-drawing-person and all.

I’ve mentioned my Colouring Textbook of the Human Brain (which I will link to later, but in the meantime scroll back about two weeks to my Psych Reflection), which applies the focus required onto something that’s also super-productive (and I recommend it for both casual learners and for those wishing to study it more seriously). I love it, but on the other hand, I’m not sure if I’ll like just colouring by itself, or whether I’ll have used up my 3 sets of watercolour pencils by the time I finish.

I didn’t realise that colouring books were basically everywhere already until I got that brain book, but I’ve since found that not many books have the kinds of illustrations that I like. I’m very picky…

Whilst in a local corner shop today, one which has a fairly small selection of magazines but the occasional, one-off gem, I found a gem. Colouring Heaven is a new magazine (and there are lots of them) dedicated solely to pretty illustrations ready to be coloured. It’s £3.99 for their very first issue, and it seems like the themes of the doodle-like drawings will change for each one. This issue, it’s cats (YAY), bicycles, alphabets, marine life (YAY), architecture (unusual!), floral (classic!) and dinosaurs (YAY).

Here is a photo of the very first page. It could win anybody over instantly.

I probably won’t start this magazine yet whilst I’m spending 2 hours a night (!) colouring in my Human Brain Colouring Book but this is great to keep around… I feel as if I won’t be able to resist one day…


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