Life Without Style

Two weeks seems like a long time ago now but I finally did some socializing yesterday, visiting DD’s house for a movie marathon with VW as well (who I hadn’t seen – or messaged because before I knew it, months had passed and how do you start a conversation then??-  in a year and missed to bits. Will be sure to keep in touch now!)

In the morning I arrived first, but only because VW had overslept. D made me watch ‘Happy Tree Friends’ as we waited – an innocent, childish cartoon until the animals all start dying in quite gory ways (I have examples but where do I start? The badger-I-Think who got stabbed in the brain with a plank of nails or the moose who basically got grated from the bottom up by the rollercoaster track? Think Final Destination’s rollercoaster scene with cute bunny rabbits and squirrels) . It is a gory interpretation of cartoon violence, in which the bloody content is turned up to the max. Never let your children near Netflix, lest they stumble upon this by accident. Heavens forbid that happens.

I think the plan was to have a movie marathon via Netflix, but this plan was slowly abandoned because we just couldn’t decide on what to watch. A Disney Film? A Thriller? Why is ‘Tangled’ not on Netflix???

We settled on three selective episodes of Adventure Time ( which I recall as ‘The One Where Finn Has Hair’, ‘The One With Bubblegum’s Pink Sweater’ and ‘The One Where Jake Meets Lady Rainicorn’s Parents’), then paraded into the kitchen to make mini cupcakes with D’s mini cupcake maker. That plan was abandoned too because the aforementioned cupcake maker seemed a bit suspicious. We went with 12 normal sized cupcakes and the conventional oven eventually. You really can’t go wrong with these.

I got four to take home and Derp snapped one up as soon as I returned, so the ones in the photo are the ones that were left. They are far from perfect as they were mistreated in the car on the way home but hey, they tasted amazing – so rich and buttery we could’ve left out the icing and they would still be great.

I think this calls for a future baking party of some sort – as long as it’s not held at my house. I love baking but our oven doesn’t agree with anyone, let alone me. 


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