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Green Things.

I seem to have gathered an abundance of green things so I thought I would put them all in one post. It must be the side effect of living in a grey/brick red city area.

Months ago, I finished an amazing, green lacy purse-stitch scarf. It was a Wednesday afternoon and I remember wearing it home in the heat of late June and subsequently stashing it away without a photo, ready for colder days. Well, these past few weeks it has been both rainy and sunny in equal measure/intensity – typical British weather but great for scarf-wearing. Here is a quick photo snapped during break at work.


It doesn’t do any justice whatsoever to the gorgeous green colour – this photo (link later) is more accurate. It’s the artificial lighting.

Longer ago than that, I finished my pair of Spring Fling Fingerless Mitts and never did take a photo of these either. They were completely improvised. Yes, the stockinette curls which is ever so slightly annoying, but I don’t like ribbing in this yarn. Just me? Sadly may have to use ribbing as I have more pairs planned – I have 2 1/2 skeins still to go through of various colourways of Calico…


In other news, I had my nails painted again.


The colour is Cacee’s BFE Nail Lacquer in Isabelle. Apparently this is one of Mom’s most unpopular colours at the salon as not a single client has picked it (nudes, purples, deep reds and neon corals/pinks are the rage depending on the age group) but it really is a nice colour! The stickers are from Mom’s stash – I think the brand is from Hong Kong. A top coat is used to seal them into place after application.

Finally, as previously mentioned, I began a new part-time job last week so I bought a new watch as there isn’t a clock on the shop floor. It was £4 from Asda, and does the job well enough for me. While I was at it I added the matching earrings I wore to my shift a few days ago, which were bought as a set of 3 from Sainsbury’s for £5. The others in the set are the same design but the centre colour is in white or pale pink.  The magic balancing dragonfly lives on top of my computer monitor -apparently we bought this in Vietnam last year although I don’t remember.

I also have a thing for green eyeliner and coincidentally, my dumbells (well, my moms but still) are also a light green. There is no end to the green.


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