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Superdrug Naturally Radiant Night and Eye Creams

Looking for a night cream and an eye cream to add to my ever lengthening skincare routine, I picked up the ones from Superdrug’s Naturally Radiant range, mostly because they were buy one get one free at the time – and as I type they are on a half-price sale. They are still quite affordable without the offers at £5.99 each.

The night cream is, of course, quite thick and fairly heavy. It smells quite pleasant but unusual, like I can’t pin it down but I love the scent. It contains a few interesting natural ingredients such as Kiwi, Mulberry, Sugar Beet and Fruit Acids and I think it does promote a bit of skin renewal overnight, enough to speed up the healing of my blemishes. As it is such a bargain, and with the current sale I think this merits a repurchase, even though I’d like to try out other creams. I just can’t get bored of the scent as well, which is good if I’m going to be using it for longer.

After applying a really generous layer of this cream at the very end of my night routine, I usually head straight to bed. In the morning, apart from the usual puffiness, my skin looks smoother and less red.

I’ve been using the eye cream for about the same length of time as the night cream, about two or three weeks now, but I’ve yet to see any difference in my eye bags. I get a similar light tingle as with the night cream but there isn’t much visual difference at all… Of course it is way too soon to observe any long term benefits but so far, I’m not very happy with this – better that I got it for free – which is why I am using this with Muji’s cotton eye patches to use it all up quickly!!


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